Kel'i'jith the Last

The last Githzerai


Kel’i’jith the Last (“Kel”)

Level 6 Githzerai Psion
Discipline Focus Option: Shaper
Background: Born Under a Bad Sign (Born Under a Bad Sign Benefit)
Theme: Noble Adept


Physical Description

Kel’i’jith is tall and slender, though his weight is often hidden underneath the layers of clothing he typically wears. Whether he is in the desert or in a town, he typically keeps his face hidden beneath a well wrapped keffiyeh. His simple clothing is typically loose, practical, and comfortable, so as to not impede his movement yet provide protection from the harsh desert sun. Kel’i’jith tries to hide his githzerai heritage beneath these clothing, trying to pass as a very tall human or elf.


When Kel’i’jith is out of his robes, he has the typical features of his people: a spare frame and an exotic appearance, with a yellow-green skin tone. He has distinctive angular features and pointed ears with eyes set in deep sockets and a flattened nose set high on his face. Kel’i’jith keeps his head mostly shaved, with a long braid of his russet hair trailing from the back of his head. Like many of his people, his skin is partially covered in intricate tattoos that detail his heritage.


Like most githzerai, Kel’i’jith has a severe and serious outlook. He dresses in somber colors, eschews jewelry, almost never smiles, and cares nothing for art or music. Kel’i’jith is very reserved, keeping his thoughts and opinions to himself and those few he trusts. Seldom will he use two words when he can make do with only one.

Kel’i’jith believes strongly in individuality and the freedom of himself and his people—that of others does not often concern him. Above all else, Kel’i’jith values austerity, prudence, pragmatism, and tenacity. While Kel’i’jith is not very trusting when it comes to other races, when someone has proved their worth, Kel’i’jith is loyal and unwavering.


Kel’i’jith is not concerned with material things, but is focused on the development of his psionic powers. He desires to return to the plane of Limbo, where the stories tell his people are from, but he has dismissed the idea as but a fantasy.


Kel’i’jith was born into the last githzerai colony far from the control of the Sorceror-Kings. His people were the last of the githzerai who arrived before the green age and were then trapped by the Gray. While most of the githzerai and their hated cousins, the githyanki, devolved back into the gith, Kel’i’jith’s clan remained true to their solitary and cloistered lifestyle. However, slowly the elders grew even older and eventually passed and the birth rate amongst the adults dropped to almost nothing. Kel was the last githzerai child born on Athos. His mother, a psion and one of the leaders of his clan, died during childbirth and Kel was raised by his father.

As his people slowed died, Kel was left without a mentor to teach him to control his powers. Soon after his twenty-third birthday, Kel’s father died. The last few survivors of the clan agreed to spread throughout the world to attempt to find either other githzerai or to find a way to access their home in Limbo. Years passed with no development—only more and more deaths—until Kel realized he was the last of his people. The last githzerai.

Kel'i'jith the Last

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