Thri-Keen Ranger


Arachnor spent much of his first few years surviving the wilds of Athas, adventuring from town to town haphazardly. It may not have been the most intelligent was to lead his life, but it was his life to live, and he enjoyed the solidarity.

Realizing it would be foolish (even for him) to attempt to travel across the Great Alluvial Sands by himself, he decided to join a caravan. This is where he met up with Sand Trek enterprises.

Arachnor spent the past few months adventuring with Sand Trek enterprises.

The most recent adventure took them to a dragon frequented area. The area was devoid of all signs of life, having been repetitively defiled. In the face of so much death, Arachnor had a realization. He was interested in a simpler life (and staying alive). He had enough money to comfortably live out his days. He decides, and tells his fellow adventurers that he will be leaving the group at the next major settlement and will continue his wandering ways.


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