Blue Dragonborn


Spark was an extreme oddity among his dray brethren. He was born weak and winged. Unlike his dray brothers, Spark was frail of strength. Spark was however strong in magic, something that earned him the begrudging respect of his peers. When he could not impress others with his magic, Spark found that he could be very intimidating, usually by rearing up and showing his wings, something that his dray brothers often lacked. Spark learned that he had something in him that his dray brothers would revile if they learned of, Spark held within him a mixture of blue dragon and primordial souls. For outside appearances he was 100% dragonborn, but underneath, he was a conflicting whirl. Spark lived an ok life after learning this, but eventually the pull of adventure (and the need to leave his dray brothers before they discovered his secret) started to call to him, in a similar way that the pull to magic did.

Spark felt an instinctive need to learn more about elemental magic, particularly lightning magic, as he felt a bond to his mixed blue dragon and primordial heritages and whenever he used magic, and felt the bond strongest when he cast lightning spells.

Much by luck, Spark eventually found that he could make all of his spells lightning by holding a lightning dagger in his hands as he went through the motions of spell casting.

Spell casting in the world of Athas is not something to be done openly and much that it goes against his free spirited nature, Spark must practice in secret.

Through his travels, Spark came across a wandering Thrikeen who was strangely radiating magic. Spark approached the Thri-keen, hoping to learn of more magic, only to discover that the Thri-keen was in possession of a rare magic item and not actually magical himself.
Spark questioned the Thri-keen about the item, and learned that while the Thri-keen enjoyed his desert wandering, the magic item was compelling him to wander aimlessly and without rest. Spark learned that the Thri-keen was searching for primordial relics. Noticing Sparks intense interest in the relic and really wishing to be rid of it himself, the Thri-keen offered to give him the relic, provided that Spark take it as far away as possible. Spark agreed to do this, and asked the Thri-keen if he knew of any magic users.
The Thri-keen’s response took Spark in the direction of Altaruk.

This is where Spark met Sand Trek enterprises.


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