After Kalak's Fall, Athas Will Burn

Cyrus crafts some items

How Sand Trek Enterprises spent money

A few hours around town lent us the supplies we needed to have Cyrus enchant us some nifty new items.
The real challenge was making sure that no one was too suspicious of our endeavors and that we were not discovered during the actual enchanting process.
We decided (at Cyrus’ extreme urging) to venture out into the desert for a day, so that he might craft the items we were in need of.
We asked Cyrus to craft a total of ten items.
2x Helm of Seven Deaths – 2000
1x Robe of Contingency – 840
1x Robe of Scintillation – 520
1x Shockweave armor – 1000
1x Lucky Charm – 840
1x Brooch of No Regrets – 680
1x Circlet of Second Chances – 680
1x Echo of Ty’h’kadi – 2600
1x Phylactery of Action – 680
Totaling – 7360 gold spent to make items along with a full day’s time.

Having upgraded some of our gear we made the trek back to Altaruk. We met up with our faithful caravan driver Packy and headed south west, the direction Birk Suntouched had suggested we would be most likely to find the tree, according to reports he received. The mission, stop anyone else from getting their hands on the tree, at any cost.


EngineerGOH Arachnor

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