After Kalak's Fall, Athas Will Burn


The search begins
We set off at the break of dawn, heading south west from Alturuk.
The days travel was relatively uneventful, though we did happen upon a wild cactus patch, it’s fruit saving us a days rations.

The following day, we came across a second cactus patch, just as night fell. We decided to camp the night there. In the morning we ate the fruit from this new cactus. most of us started to feel quite strange <see>. We awoke from this altered state to find the cactus it self striking at us, as well as what we could only guess were the reanimated remains of its former victims. Seemingly, the cactus could control whatever ate its fruits, or was struck by its brambles. The group fell in upon itself, finding it difficult to dispatch the cactus as every time we got near we would turn around and strike at each other. We eventually ended the fight, but found ourselves too exhausted to venture forward. As the sun set on this day, we noticed a storm brewing in the distance.

The Storm
We decided to head towards the storm, as it was giving off rather strange arcane and primal energies. Personally I assumed that the tree of life might be using it as a deterrent.

Venturing into the storm we passed through a crevice. There in we found ourselves set upon by nightmarish hellcats. One of the party called them out as Tembou. Their biting and clawing proved most trivial as the storm had weakened them significantly, however their resistance to control made them a handful. It became a difficult predicament for our group when the two gathered together and began leeching away at our life force.

Green Tunnel
Upon dispatching the Tembou, the storm appeared to die down ad focus upon a specific area in the crevice. We quickly found that the area had green vines sprouting from it, hiding a hidden passage of verdant growth. Sand Trek enterprises ventures onward, in search of the tree of life.


EngineerGOH Arachnor

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