After Kalak's Fall, Athas Will Burn

The Arena

How Sand Trek Enterprises made money

We adventure back to Alturuk after having explored the dragons altar.
Those of us that went down into the pit felt changed by the experience. We suddenly found ourselves giving off the force of death, damaging everything nearby. Experimentation led us to learn to suppress this and even learn to direct it at enemies around us.

Upon arrival in altaruk we learned of an arena tourney. Our gambling templar contact informed us that s new group of dray had been dominating the arena, and seriously messing with her bets. We had done well in previous matches and figured we could take on all comers. Little did we know that we were facing one of our most challenging foes yet.

We first had to win our way into the competition. A few mul easily fell before us.
After the match we felt pretty good.
A friend of Cyrus summoned us to his mansion. Apparently this man was a member of the Veiled Alliance and mayor of the town.
He wanted us to meet a dwarf, again another member of the Veiled Alliance and acquaintance of Cyrus. We told him that we must first finish our battles in the arena as we had bet everything we owned on ourselves to win.
The Mayor was a bit insistent and told us that he had arranged for us to have lunch with the dwarf.

All of us feeling relatively famished, we agreed. Unfortunately, we didn’t think the
of the kind of place we would be meeting a veiled alliance member.

We met Birk Suntouched at a hovel of a tavern, where in we ate some abysmal porridge and learned of the sprouting of a tree of life.

Stepping outside the tavern, we found ourselves set upon by ?Sand-tooth Dagger? assassins. They were apparently friends of the former Karlan. We managed to survive the encounter, as did one of their men, but we were very worse for wear.

Thinking we were being set up by the arena organizes for failure we attempted to back out of the tournament. Instead we found ourselves thrust into the arena.

We went into the arena battered and bloodied, even playing up our wounds for the crowd. The opponents were tough, but we some how managed to rough it out. We walked away with a hefty purse of 64,000 gold.


EngineerGOH Arachnor

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